Steampunk Mojo Detector

When your mojo is working the clock runs backwards.

V8 Pickup

This is our stunning new single coil custom pickup.  Perfect for 1 to 12 strings.  Order today, 4 weeks to craft and deliver.

1930s Art Deco Rail Walnut

As shown, this pickup is great for 3 or 4 string guitars.  We build this with a wider rail for 6 string guitars.

Sultan of the Delta

This flathead bakelite pole pickup can be ordered in almost any number of poles and many special string spacings.

Time Machine

Our pickup winder is a Delta Blues time machine.

1930s Art Deco Flathead Rail

As shown this flathead bakelite rail will work for 1 thru 4 string guitars.  As an option it can also be made into a 6 string pickup.

Custom Pickups

Our custom pickups are stunning.  Contact us if you have a specific design in mind and order one today.


Rotary Head Gin

Harrison Cotton Gin Co. was established in 1920 in Plainview, TX.