Our oversized bobbin permits a builder to hide the hole needed for mounting. No longer will you need to have a clean mounting hole and you don't have to worry about creating a mount inside the box.  Installation couldn't be easier!

Flathead Series

The flathead series cigar box guitar pickups feature a unique drop in design, low profile which mounts to the top of your box.  We have captured the authentic 1930s look by using Bakelite and acrylic stabilized walnut plus other hardwoods for the oversized bobbin.


We use Alnico V magnets and ceramic, depending on the model. 


Our pickups are scatter-wound in the correct 42 AWG copper plain enamel wire resulting in outstanding clarity, extended dynamic range and overtones.

Custom Features


Materials utilized include Bakelite (1930s style), canvas Micarta and acrylic stabilized walnut as well as other American hardwoods.  The stabilizing process is the same as used in high quality kitchen cutlery wood handles.


Pickups are potted in a mixture of paraffin and bee's wax allow to prevent the microphonic effect. For added mojo the bee's wax was collected from various locations on historic Route 66.  The paraffin was my mother's 40 year old canning stock and scented candles.


All of our bobbins are custom crafted from the best, most expensive high density and authentic looking materials of the 1930s era.


Our copper wound coils are hand coated with clear epoxy for a stunning good look and maximum protection.  This provides the best of both worlds, wax potted and epoxy coated.