Our Pickups:


For over 55 years Bobby Gale Harrison has been in and around the music business: selling, repairing, innovating, designing and building music-related items.

Legendary Craftsmanship

  • 1930s Art Deco Rail Walnut
  • 1930s Art Deco Flathead Bakelite
  • Sultan of the Delta Flathead 
  • British Flag
  • American Stars & Bars
  • Pirate Skulls
  • Checkerboard Inlay

Our high quality cigar box guitar pickups have their roots in the music and hard times of the American 1930s era dust bowl and Mississippi Delta American blues.

From One Artist To Another

Like our pickups so much that you own them all and desire a one-of-a-kind design for your collection?  We can custom create specialty designs to fit your unique needs, just ask for a quote. 

One of the greatest accolades bestowed on this artist was the title "father of the art pup" (art guitar pickup) because not only do they look good, they sound great.


Examples of our richly sculpted, hand-painted art pups are seen on the products page. The British Flag, American Stars & Bars, Pirate Skulls, Art Deco and other patriotic themed guitar pickups.


Our Simple Goal

We make 1930s era guitar pickups that look and have the sound of the Mississippi Delta Blues.  Our pickups are so authentic you will think they arrived here via the Time Machine.  These pickups are finely crafted with attention to detail and hand wound to perfection.  They possess the quality that musicians and collectors will enjoy for decades to come.